Winning Is Great. Even Better When You Don’t Have To Do Anything To Get There.

You probably know this by now. Manchester City won their first Premiership title in 44 years. I’ve seen my fair share of nail biting matches, but that has got to be the most dramatic one EVER.

It had everything a neutral spectator would appreciate. Goals, red card, fights, dramatic comeback, QPR surviving the drop, and best of all, watching Manchester United lose the title 😀

When the final whistle blew, my fingers trembled and my heart was racing.  I had an adrenaline rush but I couldn’t understand why.

I wasn’t a fan of either team nor would you call me a football fanatic. Imagined what it must have been like for hardcore fans!

So I went to Youtube and found this clip documenting the best fan reactions.

Here we have fans who have no direct relation (players or staff) with the club nor have the ability to physically impact the game.  Yet as fans, we all act as though our lives were at stake.

We shout at the players for playing a poor pass. We offer tactical advice as if we were coaches. We feel that stab in the heart when our team loses. And most importantly, we brag when our team wins.

Watching this got me thinking. Why do we feel so passionately about sports in comparison with other aspects of our lives?

I mean, imagine celebrating like that when you close a deal or get a promotion.

Or feeling jubilant when your colleague, family or freinds do something great. That is afterall, similar to cheering for Messi when he scores right?

I think it boils down to the association of feeling like a winner and tasting success.

When my team wins, I win. And winning is great.

People go to great lengths to win and succeed in life. Some tirelessly build career spanning across decades. Some master an instrument or a sport.  Some even push the boundaries to go where few will follow.

Supporting a team and making them part of “us” suddenly seems like fastest way to feel like a winner.

But I’m not complaining. I think its important that we get a regular dose of these fleeting emotions to remind us to persevere and work hard towards our goals.

One day I’d like say that me and my team achieved something great. Something we can cherish and be proud of for the rest of our lives.

Till then, Liverpool better get their sorry act together. “WE” have gone far too long without winning a title.

(Do you celebrate like those fans in the video? Share your stories in the comments below!)

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