New Facebook “Like” Button

Facebook just rolled out another new change.

Now when you click on the “Like” Button, a picture and a short description will be published on your wall.

It’s very much the same as how “Share” works though I think “Share” won’t go away just yet.

Afterall, you do get to write a short personal note if you wish. With “Like” you can’t do that.

There is no doubt that 3rd party publishers will see a small gain in traffic when readers “Like” content. I am very interested to see how this unfolds!

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Back when it was called..TheFacebook

Finally back after being “dead” sick for 3 days. Spent most of my time on my bed sleeping, trying to sleep, thinking about sleeping and dreaming.

Anyway, I came across something interesting.

Back when Facebook just started, the were actually called ‘thefacebook’ (for those of you who have watched The Social Network, you probably already know this)

Sometimes its hard to imagine that Facebook started way back in 2004. They obviously have come a long way since then.

Before is a screen shot of a document that they used to send to potential advertisers. (I thought it was not cool to put ads!)

But look at the statistics. 2.7 million registered users then compared to 500+million now. Crazy.

Go here to check out other screenshots. You can take a nostalgic walk down memory lane to see how “thefacebook” used to look like.

I don’t remember seeing a face on the top left hand corner of the page when I joined though. Hmm

Oreo Vs Lil Wayne

One of my favorite Fan Pages on Facebook is Oreo.

They have managed to amass a huge following by simply engaging with their fans. Their status updates are usually questions like:

“If you had an Oreo today, how much better would your day be?”

“An Oreo cookie without milk is like…”

These are the kind of questions that people might answer if they see it on their news feed.

Just 19 hours ago, they launched a campaign to set the Guinness World Record for most “Likes” to a post in 24 hours! Their target was to get 45,000 “Likes” on a single post.

Before I got to their Facebook page I had no doubt that Oreo would reach it and true enough as I am typing this, they already have 112k+ “Likes” already!

Good one Oreo!

Update: Looks like Lil Wayne is jumping on the GWR bandwagon and crushing Oreo at its own game. Close to 500k “Likes” which Oreo having a 4 hour headstart.

New Facebook Changes

Facebook made two significant upgrades recently.

1. Facebook Pages

– The most significant change with the new Page is the layout. The redesign is very much the same as Profiles. My guess is that Facebook wants to streamline the look and feel of the site.

– Admins can now use Facebook as page. Meaning I don’t need to go through Profiles –> Page anymore. This also means you would be able to receive notifications from messages, likes, comments that are generated on the page. Not bad feature but I can imagine it being a hassle for those popular pages.

A more detailed look  (with pics) of the changes here:

2. Facebook Photos

– Facebook has always said that Photos is one of their most popular product. So it’s no surprise that revamping it.

– I think it will be a while more till they actually roll this out to everyone but here’s how it looks.

Detailed changes here:

What do you think?

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Egypt: Times They Are A-Changing

Times are indeed changing.

With the Internet slowly becoming an integral part of our lives, I have always wonder what would it look like if an entire country losses its connection.

A few days ago, this became a reality in Egypt.

Due to the uprising and unrest in Egypt, the government proceeded to execute a nationwide SMS and Internet blackout in hopes of preventing the protesters from leveraging on social media to galvanize on the streets.

Mashable has a quick recap of the story in Egypt so far:

We’ve been closely watching the social media aspects of this revolution since it began, and in case you missed our coverage, here’s a recap:

Twitter Declares, “The Tweets Must Flow”

BlackBerry Service Restored in Cairo? [UPDATED]

Visualizing Egypt’s Internet Blackout [GRAPHIC]

Facebook & Twitter Both Blocked in Egypt

Leaders React to Communication Blackout at World Economic Forum in Davos [VIDEO]

How Users in Egypt Are Bypassing Twitter & Facebook Blocks

Internet Reportedly Down in Syria

The Twitterverse Responds to Protests in Egypt [STATS]

Twitter Blocked in Egypt As Protests Turn Violent

YouTube, Flickr Show Escalating Violence in Egyptian Protests

Internet Access & SMS Blocked in Egypt as Protests Escalate

It’s amazing to see someone as young as this 8 year old girl offer her views on this whole debacle.

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PostPost Helps You Get More Out Of Your Facebook Friends

I didn’t get to swim today because I had sprained ankle wrapped.

The weird thing is that last night, I vividly remember waking up to take a picture of my ankle for the purpose of posting it here. But when I just checked my phone just now, there’s no picture! Dammit!

Anyways, I came across this new site called PostPost.

What it does is that it creates your very own Facebook newspaper.

The whole layout is pretty sweet. At one glance, you can quickly sift through all the stuff that your friends posted.

I actually get to see much more stuff that I would normally have if I was just scrolling down the news feed. Now it makes more sense to “Like” certain pages.

Try it!

Your Parent’s Wants to Add You on Facebook!

Add Parents on Facebook

I came across this on Mashable and it seems that around 48% of parents friend their kids on Facebook.

My dad has added me on Facebook but I have no idea what he plans to do with it anyway. I always assumed that he doesnt even check his account.

But suddenly I wonder…

Has he been secretly spying on me?

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3 Hilarious “The Social Network” Parodies

Facebook logo
Image via Wikipedia

Mashable posted a link to today for its complete review of the movie “The Social Network”

I don’t know about you guys but I am extremely excited to watch this movie. I decided not to read the review as I hate spoilers (anyone that knows me know that).

I especially hate shit like “The guy died” but then saying that you were joking.  Because then I would know he didn’t die. Or did he?

I’ve also learnt from previous movies not to over hype myself to think that the movie’s going to be great.

The last one that actually “blew my mind” was Inception. Prior to watching the movie I had no idea what was it about, who acted in it or watched/read anything about it. It just slipped under my radar as I usually keep myself up to date on movies. So basically I entered with a clean slate. No expectations.

So here I am again, anticipating that The Social Network is going to the talk of the town once it hits our shores. (When is it going air in Malaysia??)

There are approximately 7million Facebook users in Malaysia alone. I wonder what the turnout would be.

Kids can finally explain to their parents, uncles, aunties, grandpa, grandmas question

Q: “Huh? What is Facebook?”

A: Go watch the movie!

If you guys have not seen the trailer yet, check it out below

But whats more interesting are these hilarious parodies for other online juggernauts. Haha enjoy!




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